The cool thing about a community is that it constantly evolves. Our tailor, Stoyanka, has been an invaluable member of our team since the beginning, and she has taught us all a lot about the art and science (especially mathematics!) of pattern making, tailoring, and industrial clothing production. Stoyanka is originally from Bulgaria, and has a very entrepreneurial spirit. She and her partner recently decided to buy an organic walnut farm in the Bulgarian countryside, and try their hands at farming life. She will be dearly missed at Social Fabric, but we can imagine that we might be able to collaborate with her in the future. After all, her family owned a clothing production facility in Bulgaria, and Stoyanka still has all of the industrial sewing machines from the old factory. We wish her all the best for her new project, and look forward to seeing what the future brings.

In the meantime, Carola Ruckdeschel joined Social Fabric as a member at the beginning of 2016. Carola found us through the Impact Hub. She said she always wondered why nobody had ever started a community textile working space, and was super happy to find out about our project. Carola trained as a tailor and costume designer, and has worked over the years in couture, design, and tailoring. She tailored for Armani, and also worked for the Schauspielhaus in Zürich for a number of years. Carola is especially interested in the interface between tailoring and art, and has participated in a number of intercultural textile projects. She is full of ideas about how we can develop our resources, our community, and our refugee project. We are happy to have her on board, and she will be offering her first class at Social Fabric starting on June 8th. Over the course of five weeks, she will help participants to design their own simple trousers or culottes. This will be an especially interesting course for people who are looking for some creative inspiration with their sewing. Read more about the course, and sign up here. We look forward to seeing the results of everybody’s projects!