2015 was an incredible and busy year. I founded Social Fabric in January, 2015, and since then, we made big steps toward becoming a self-sustaining social enterprise. After piloting the concept from our small shared space close to Sihlcity, we successfully pitched to enter the Innovate4Climate programme in the spring, which is co-run by WWF and Climate KIC.

We received some funding and coaching to build a sustainable textile hub, and in September, we moved to our new permanent location at Zürich Binz. In the fall, we successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign to finance equipment for our new space, and we participated in the Fashion Hotel in October. During the summer and through the fall, we piloted a programme to offer work experience and entrepreneurial training for refugees, and in December, we received a grant to expand this programme from the COFRA foundation.

It’s definitely been a challenging and exciting journey, with many ups and downs in a relatively short time. On many occasions I questioned myself and my idea, but I carried on with the support of family, friends, and the SF community. I continue to be convinced that the key to having a big impact is to build a community of talented and motivated people, and I want to focus on this moving forward. So what’s on the agenda for the next couple of months?

  • Potluck brunch on Sunday, January 31st starting at 10.30 – we never had an opening party at our new location, so come with your family and friends to enjoy a nice weekend morning with us. This is a great opportunity to meet us and visit our new location, if you haven’t been to SF before.
  • Launch of our memberships – as of the beginning of January, we are offering memberships to people who want to come to use our space and equipment. Memberships cost as little as chf 90 per month, and can be custom tailored to meet you needs. Email us at info@www.socialfabric.ch if you would like more information about our membership packages.
  • Launch of our online shop – our crowdfunding campaign allowed us to test some of our product offerings, and you will soon be able to purchase our fabrics and our products through our online shop. We are working on this now, and we will keep you updated about it’s release date.

We hope all of you are just as excited as we are to jump into the new year. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon at SF.

Heather, and the rest of the Social Fabric team