SoFaB – Social Fabric’s Bond is the latest project by Social Fabric, launched in September 2019. The motto of the project is We have potential! and its primary goal is to highlight what actually makes up Social Fabric – namely the people who are involved in the various activities of Social Fabric. We want to show the immense potential that we have here in Zurich! Particularly close to our hearts is the potential of untapped working power that lies within the the unemployed refugees in the area.


Aims of the project

The overarching goal of the project is two-fold: BOND AND FUND. Firstly, with this project we want to highlight the people who make Social Fabric possible and to the great diverse space it is. We want to further strengthen the bond between them. Secondly, the project aims to generate financial support for refugee participants / members (fund).  


This project provides a platform for all members and people involved in Social Fabric’s activities, including: volunteers, refugees, course participants and employees. In total 10 – 15 people involved in Social Fabric are presented, including their stories and why and how they are involved. With the help of a social media campaign, a blog and an event we want to extend and connect our community. 


Our diverse community is one of Social Fabric’s most valuable assets and we want to further strengthen it. That’s why we want to give more refugees the opportunity to participate in our course and to enrich our community. As most of them don’t have the financial means to pay for our regular course or membership fees, we offer free courses for refugees. In order to be able to continue offering and extending our free course offering, we now give you the chance to personally fund refugees through supporterships. 


The supporterships are meant to serve the purpose fund of the SoFaB project. They are designed to enable more refugees to participate in our courses and to finance the free courses that we offer to refugees. Supporterships are donations made through our website that will be used to realise further free courses for refugees.  

There are various supportership options for individuals and companies. See all the different types and prices of supporterships here.

Persons of the week

The associated social media campaign and blog on the website are meant to serve the purpose bond of the SoFaB project. In order to further bind together the Social Fabric community and to show the value of our diversity, we present a different person involved in Social Fabric every week. In total, 10 – 15 persons are presented. It doesn’t matter how exactly the presented person is involved in Social Fabric’s activities. But of course, we want to accredit special importance to our refugee community members.

Noemi Zehnder made drawings of the persons of the week by hand. These drawings are accompanied by the stories of the persons of the week – you will for example learn how that particular person has benefited from or has been influenced by Social Fabric. Follow the stories of the persons of the week on Instagram and Facebook, or read the full interviews and see all the drawings on our blog. 

SoFaB – Persons of the Week


1. Person of the Week – Kouassi



2. Person of the Week – Justine



3. Person of the Week – Megan



4. Person of the Week – Jamila



5. Person of the Week – Ruth