Social Fabric is crowdfunding! Our campaign runs until October 15th, but we need you support now in order to make the whole campaign a success! Watch our video, and choose a great reward at .

What exactly is ‘The Better Way’ Campaign?

‘The Better Way’ Campaign is a public awareness campaign that aims to draw attention to environmental and social problems and solutions in textile sector.

The campaign is taking place via the Swiss crowdfunding platform ‘WeMakeIt’, to support the development and growth of community-based social enterprises that provide proactive solutions to problems in the textile industry.

Which organisations will be supported by ‘The Better Way’ Campaign?

Together, these organisations will work together to produce your rewards.

What kind of rewards are available to ‘Better Way’ Campaign supporters?

Social Fabric and our partners are offering an assortment of sustainably produced textile items – from recycled leather notebooks, to jeans patchwork products, to designer pullovers, to wood fibre t-shirts.

Would you like more information about the products we are offering through our ‘Better Way’ Crowdfunding campaign? Click on the product categories here for photos, sizing, and more detailed information about the materials. Go to our campaign page at to support our campaign and pre-order your products!

Would you like more information about our supply chain partners? Here are some examples of where our materials come from:

Wood Fibre Fabric (Tencel): The fibres are extracted from wood at a factory in Austria called Lenzing, and the fabric is manufactured and finished using low impact dyes with a company called Tintex in Portugal.

Linen: Linen used in our Nallow natural pillow is CO2 neutral, and made in Belgium. The flax used as a raw material is grown in Belgium, and the fabric is manufactured by a company called Libeco.

Zippers: Zippers are manufactured in the south of Italy by ZIP Goffredo. They were the first zipper company in the world to sign the DETOX Greenpeace commitment to eliminate toxic chemicals from the fashion industry supply chain. They also work with a social integration project to employ people with disabilities.

Thanks to all the supporters who committed to supporting the campaign within the first 24 hours of its launch, including:

the following eBay employees…


Brittney Kruek
Monica Zuesli
Sara Sundar
Miroslav Sala
Edward Ho
Paola Crevatini
Sylke Maringer
Alice Gbelia



Leon Peeters
Adriana Colnita
Dimitris Psaradellis
Corinna Kühn
Liesbeth Deddens
Nicolas Berkowitsch
Ashley Muensch


The following Google employees …


Marija Mikulic
Caroline Haupt
Cesar Lazaro
Yuki Murata
Ben Rupprechter
Amgad Zeitoun



Matthia Wiesmann
Carmen Eini Jensen
Krzysztof Bielski
Anna Katrine Jorgensen
Baran Ösgül


And also the following individuals…


Julia Albers
Irene Schlatter from WeAct
Lisa O’Hearn
Isabel Styles from Aspire. 33 GmbH
Nadia Diraä from Natural Sleep
Sabine Lötscher from WWF
Paola Deprez from La Luna Lädeli
Stefanie Braun
Brigitta Gyoerf
Christina Nagel



Renate Fenchel
Rebecca Park
Verena Meyer
Seraina Kirchmeier
Sonja Bichsel
Isabelle Messerli
Rachel Go
Verena Melan Di Portula GmbH
Kathrin Grädel
Annina Schlatter

We look forward to an exciting and successful campaign. The Social Fabric Team thanks you for getting involved!


Besides our individual supporters, thanks also to the organisations who are supporting our campaign efforts.

Alnatura is supporting the campaign by donating S.Fr. 1 from each sale of their special edition totebags, starting in August, 2017. They are also placing flyers for Social Fabric’s ‘The Better Way’ Campaign in all of their Swiss shops.


Netcetera Cultura partly sponsored the production of our campaign video.


The Professional Women’s Group is a campaign communication partner and sponsor.


Does your organisation want to get involved in our campaign? Contact Heather at to discuss possibilities.