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Do you want to learn how to sew clothes in a creative way? Kouassi is here to teach you how to sew clothes using West African methods. While it is typical in Europe to start off the sewing process by crafting a separate pattern, in West Africa they do it like this: the pattern is drawn right onto the canvas using your measurements. It guarantees a good fit while allowing you to use a more fun and experimental approach to sewing. Additionally, there is a difference in how to do the lining. 


Kouassi is happy to sew blazers, skirts, summer or evening dresses with you using your measurements. Alternatively, he can teach you how to sew shirts and summer pants for men. Have your ideas ready, and he will help you make them come to life. 


Kouassi is originally from Togo, but studied Fashion and Design in France at ESMOD Paris Fashion School between 1982 and 1984. After completing his studies, he worked in a private atelier for two years sewing blazers and evening dresses for women. He then returned to Togo, where he opened his atelier, sewing clothing along with his apprentices.


In July 1997, he had to leave Togo and came to Switzerland. In the beginning, it was difficult for him to find work and he worked independently from home, sewing alterations for private customers. He then worked for several different production companies, sewing curtains, tablecloths, napkins, bags, wallets and belts. Due to the decline of sewing production in Europe, he then started to study gastronomy. During all this time, he always continued to sew something at home for private customers, simply because he liked it so much. 


Later he was looking with his social worker for a part-time workload within his passion and to bring in his experience in tailoring. That’s how he came through a work integration placement from AOZ as a tailor at Social Fabric. As he says, he was very happy to join our atelier, as he appreciates the social environment with all different people being around.


At Social Fabric, he's a valuable part of our production team. He also helps out in the open sewing courses for refugees and organises workshops for sewing members.


No prior knowledge is necessary


French (and Ewe dialect), German, English and Spanish


Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Saturday mornings.

Social Fabric Sewing Atelier

with Kouassi Amousso Doh


Sewing with West African Techniques


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