Behind the Scenes: Read more about Heather, the founder of Social Fabric



Meet Heather🖐️⠀

She’s the enterpreneurial mind behind Social Fabric. About three years ago, the idea of building a social enterprise which provides work integration for refugees by producing sustainable textile products and offer free sewing classes to improve their german skills popped up in her mind. In 2016 Social Fabric was founded. 😍⠀
It’s been a very interesting journey until now, which will hopefully continue for a very long time. A very special product line, that brings immediatelly a smile in Heathers face, is the little basket. This product was designed and sewn by our volunteers and refugees. “The whole idea behind Social Fabric was to give people the opportunity to realize their own ideas. The little baskets reflect this perfectly!”, this was her answer when asking her why she loves this product so much.⠀

Social Fabric is a space where different cultures get togehter and where ideas have space to develop… Thank you Heather for creating such a unique work space for all of us!🤗⠀
👉By the way – also her scarf is a social fabric product, which she wears every day! You can find it in our online store

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