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15 sewing machines
2 quilting machines with a variety of features
5 overlock machines
2 coverlock machine
1 professional ironing machine



Waist-high tables for cutting and pattern making
Thread, scissors, pins, tracing paper...
Zippers, buttons, ribbons...
Plenty of ready-made patterns



Join our creative community

Sewing community at Social Fabric, Zurich

Are you thinking about becoming a member of Social Fabric and wonder what it is all about? If so, you have come to the right place.

So let’s get straight to it: who is a member of Social Fabric? To put it simply, the members of our community sewing atelier are united in their passions for textile crafts and in their readiness to embark on journeys through different sewing projects. This can mean creating a piece of clothing from scratch, repairing/altering their existing wardrobe or giving used materials new life through upcycling.

They join our atelier on weekly basis to work on their projects, exchange ideas with other members and/or seek help from professional tailors.

Our members are open-minded, ecologically conscious, and value the fact that their beloved hobby helps to create positive social impact in the lives of people who have refugee experience. They come in all colours and shapes - from complete beginners to advanced in their skills - and are always happy to share their knowledge with one another.

For people who have refugee background, we offer membership free of charge through our Stipendium programme.

Together they form a creative and diverse sewing community.


Independent use of our atelier on Wednesday and Thursday


Social Sewing Courses on Tuesday evenings with a qualified teacher


Hosted Sewing Sessions
with other members from Friday to Sunday

Our Atelier

Members of our sewing community have access to the bright and spacious sewing atelier for independent sewing during Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, Saturday & Sunday members initiate hosted sessions.

Our atelier is located just around the corner from Zürich Binz station at Eichstrasse 29 (on the 3rd floor) and is just two stations away from the Zürich Main Station.

Access to the atelier includes the use of all equipment and sewing accessories (such as scissors, rulers, zippers, ribbons, etc) available on the site. It is also possible to buy fabric from our atelier’s shop.

As an option, members can rent a Creative Chaos Box on a yearly basis to store their unfinished projects in the atelier.

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All members benefit from 20% discount on all Social Fabric products, fabrics, and Private Lessons

Opening hours for members

(Additional Hosted Sewing Sessions are not included here)


6 p.m. till 9 p.m.
9 a.m. till 6 p.m.
9 a.m. till 6 p.m.


Join the Community

Sewing independently is fine, but it’s much more fun to sew with a community. Not only can you then learn from other’s experience, but there are also possibilities to get guidance from expert teachers.

Our membership is not just “renting” a space with the equipment and the tools. It’s about coming together as a community to enjoy the social atmosphere, get inspired by each other’s sewing projects, learn from expert teachers and share one’s knowledge and tricks with others.

The membership offer is accompanied by the community activities that run on a monthly basis. Here is an overview of what this includes.

Opening Hours
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Social Sewing Course runs weekly throughout the year and it functions as the main social get-together for the members. The course takes place on Tuesday evenings (from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.) and is led by an expert teacher ready to offer guidance on the projects.



Hosted Sessions take place irregularly, at least trice per month. They are led by members with more advanced sewing skills who open the atelier outside the opening hours and welcome everyone to join them for a sewing session.

During the month, at least two Hosted Sewing Sessions take place during the weekends, and at least one during the weekday.

Sign up​



We encourage all members to take an active position in the community and initiate community activities on their own. From swopping fabrics with other members to giving embroidery workshops, all ideas are welcomed. There are also possibilities to join the volunteers during the Open Sewing Course or lend a hand during Summer Projects.

Join us! Choose the membership plan you prefer and sign up through the form.


1 Month Trial 


50 CHF

1 Month Trial offers a chance to see if the membership offer is the right choice for you without making a long-term commitment.

All benefits apply. 


6 Month Membership 


200 CHF

6 Month Membership is suited for those who are looking to work on a specific project during limited time period.

All benefits apply.


Annual Membership


360 CHF

Annual Membership is the most popular choice for our community members who love sewing as a hobby and are looking for regular guidance from professionals to improve their know-how.

All benefits apply.

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Membership Renewal


360 CHF

Is your membership about to expire?

No worries, you can easily renew your membership here.


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Creative Chaos Box


30 CHF

Tired of dragging your sewing projects back and forth between your home and the atelier? Rent a Creative Chaos Box to store your unfinished projects during your membership.

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