The Pillow

Nallow is a comfortable natural pillow, made in Switzerland

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Nallow conforms perfectly to your head and neck providing cool, comfortable support all night long. All natural millet hull filling provides firm support that is soft, supportive, and breathable.
From the 100% organic linen pillowcase, to the carefully sourced and selected millet hulls, Nallow pillows are Swiss made with the finest materials available.

Millet Pillows Provide Simple, All‑Natural Comfort

Millet pillows help people to get more restful sleep. Millet hulls are give a firm but adjustable shape to your pillow, and are breathable, which makes them the ideal pillow fill. Nallow millet pillows conform to your body and provide cool, comfortable, non-toxic, and natural support.

Organic All-Natural Materials

From the 100% organic Belgian linen case, to the carefully sourced and selected millet hulls, we make our millet pillows in Switzerland with the finest materials available.

Breathable Cool Comfort All Night

Traditional pillows retain body heat, making your pillow uncomfortable, particularly during the hot summer months. The lack of air flow prevents warm air from escaping your pillow’s fill. The Nallow millet hull filling allows air to move freely through your pillow, preventing uncomfortable heat build up.


Millet pillows contain no animal products, are cruelty-free, and are the perfect pillow for a vegan lifestyle.

Made in Switzerland

Our premium millet hulls are grown by Swiss farmers, and milled in Switzerland. Our pillows are sewn and assembled in our atelier in Zurich, using the finest craftsmanship.

Long Life, and Compostable Filling

Conventional pillows should be replaced every 1 – 2 years. Millet filling can retain its structure for up to 3 years. We provide you with extra hulls that you can use to top up your pillow to add volume over time. Moreover, when the filling needs to be replaced, it can be composted and the pillow casing can be refilled.


Millet filling is anti-allergenic, and doesn’t house dust mites. Millet is also gluten free.


We guarantee our pillow casings against defects for five years. If you have a defect, return it and we will repair it for you at our location in Zurich.

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