Story behind this product


In the Autumn of 2017, we asked our African team members to collect their faviourite ideas based on African textile prints. As we gathered the inspiration, we sent our ideas to Finnish textile designer Sanna Lehti, who then came up with variety of designs. We then turned to you, our dear community, and asked you to choose your three favourites, which we then brought to life in those backpacks.


For production, we collaborated with the social enterprise Freeset in India, who offers employment opportunities for women who previously worked in the sex industry. 


Love your belongings


Sustainability is not only about buying sustainable products, but also about taking care of what you have. We want you to enjoy your backpack for as long as possible and are happy to repair any damage to your backpack for one year after you buy it. After one year, we will make repairs for a small cost.


African Inspired Backpacks

  • 100% GOTS-certified cotton

  • 36 cm x 28 cm x 14 cm