Story behind this product


These little baskets, perfect for storing household goods, are part of our charity product series. The baskets are made of different fabric leftovers, and each one is with unique colours. 


The combo includes 3 baskets: large, medium, and small. 


Love your little basket


Sustainability is not just about buying sustainable products, but also about taking care of what you have. We want you to enjoy your basket for as long as possible. We are happy to repair any damage to your basket for one year after you buy it. After one year, we will make repairs for a small cost.

Colourful Baskets

  • Leftover or upcycled fabrics

  • Small: 14 cm (height, unfolded), ⌀ ca. 12 cm 

    Medium: 18 cm (height, unfolded), ⌀ ca. 16 cm 

    Large: 20 cm (height, unfolded), ⌀ ca. 19 cm