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The keychain Greta is made from silk remnants, woven in bright colours. The intensity of the colours reflects the nature of summer, complemented by fringe finishing on one side to keep things light and fun. The product balances textile craftsmanship and appreciation for materials. 


Handwash only. 


Contains materials from animals (silk).


Greta Keychain

  • Material:

    Silk - fabrics remnants

    The carabiner is made of metal, coloured.

  • Size:

    45 cm in length

  • Place of production:

    Social Fabric Atelier

    Eichstrasse 29, 8045 Zurich

  • Production at Social Fabric:

    Production at Social Fabric has a two-fold purpose. It serves as a pillar of our education programme on offer to people with refugee backgrounds.  It enables us to generate revenue that in turn is reinvested in our social and educational activities.

  • Warranty:

    All products produced in our atelier have a 2-year warranty. We repair any damage to the product for up to two years after the date of purchase. After the warranty has expired, we will do the repairs at a small cost. We want you to enjoy your product as long as possible.

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