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The Nallow pillows, developed in our atelier in Zurich Binz, are a sustainable alternative for conventional pillows. While the conventional pillows should be replaced every two years; this is not so with the millet pillow. The millet keeps it’s structure for up to three years.  


We provide extra filling with the medium and large sized Nallow, so that you can add or remove filling to your pillow as needed. When the filling needs to be replaced, simply compost it and refill your pillow with new filling. That way your pillow can last forever. 

Nallow - large

CHF110.00 Regular Price
CHF88.00Sale Price
  • Size

    Large: 50 cm x 70 cm

  • Material

    100% organic linen sourced from Belgium, filled with high quality organic millet hulls, grown and processed in Switzerland. 

  • Vegan friendly

    The millet pillow does not contain any animal products, and is perfect for a vegan lifestyle. 

  • Allergies

    Millet is gluten free and anti-allergenic as it does not attract dust mites. 

  • Place of Production

    Social Fabric Atelier
    Eichstrasse 29, 8045 Zurich

  • Production at Social Fabric

    Production at Social Fabric has a two-fold purpose. It serves as a pillar to our education programme that we offer to people who have refugee backgrounds and allows us to earn revenue that in return is reinvested in our social and educational activities.

  • Warranty

    All products produced in our atelier have a 2-year warranty. We repair any damage to the product for two years after the moment of purchase. After the warranty has expired, we will make the repairs for a small cost. We want you to enjoy your product as long as possible.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability for us is not just a word to throw around. As an atelier, we only source new materials with the smallest ecological footprint that is of the highest quality and produced in ethical working conditions. In addition, we work extensively with leftover materials donated to us by various individuals and companies to reduce the textile waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.


    All products are produced in small quantities.

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