baby blanket – small blue flowers

baby blanket – small blue flowers


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general description

These baby blankets are sewn by the participants of our open sewing classes for refugees! Each one is uniquely its own.

The material we’ve used is donated fabric left-overs or old shirts.

By buying this baby blanket, you support our open sewing classes for refugees.

the figures of our baby blanket project

On average 8-12 people were involved. They met three times a week for 4 hours. A total of 9 times. At Social Fabric we calculate with a salary of CHF 30, because on the one hand trained professionals do volunteer work, but on the other hand also people who have no training participate. So this is an average value. All material was donated. A total of 23 blankets were created.

In concrete terms this means:
4h x CHF 30 = 120 CHF per person x 10 people = CHF 1’200.
CHF 1’200 x 9 meetings = CHF 10’800
If I calculate this through 23 blankets, this makes a value of CHF 470 per blanket!