Kouassi Amousso Doh – Sewing in West African way

Kouassi Amousso Doh – Sewing in West African way

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I was born in Togo, but studied 1982-1984 fashion and design in France, at the ESMOD Paris Fashion School. Afterwards I worked in a private sewing atelier for two years sewing blazers and evening dresses for women. 

Then I returned to Togo and opened my own atelier. I produced clothes with my apprentices. In total I had 10 apprentices (two or three at a time). In July 1997 I had to move to Switzerland. At first I didn’t find work and worked independently at home, sewing alterations for private customers. 

In 2003 I found a job as a tailor at “Feinschliff”. There I sewed curtains, tablecloths and napkins for hotels and restaurants until the factory went bankrupt in 2011. After that I worked at “Rossi’s Design” where I sewed bags, wallets and belts. Unfortunately the company had to move the production to China and I was unemployed and afterwards registered at the social welfare. I then completed a new education in the field of gastronomy, but because of health problems I couldn’t really start in this new profession. During all this time I always sewed something at home for other people, because I like it so much!

From December 2018 on, a part-time workload was possible for me, and fortunately my social counselor knew about my experience in tailoring and suggested a work integration placement as a tailor in Social Fabric. I was very happy because it was very boring for me to stay at home alone all day. At Social Fabric I have been sewing e.g. bags, cosmetic cases and pillows. I also like to help in the open sewing course for refugees. 

Now I would like to teach more people how to sew clothes with West African methods. For example you don’t have to use a pattern, just take the measurements and draw the model directly on the fabric. We also have different methods for lining than in Europe. I would be happy to help you sew blazers, skirts, summer dresses or evening dresses (for women), with your own measurements. I can also show you shirts and summer pants for men. 

Languages: French (and Ewe dialect) as mother tongues, also German, English and Spanish

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9-19
Saturday 9-12

Book a lesson with Kouassi by e-mail: info@socialfabric.ch 


Price of a private lesson: CHF 65 / hour per person

(-20% for members, discount for 2nd & 3rd class in row and for two persons simultaneously):

price per person

(member price)

for 1 participant

price per person

(member price)

for 2 participants

1 hour 65 (52) 50 (40)
2nd hour 52 (42) 40 (32)
3rd hour 42 (34) 32 (26)