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with Rüdiger Schlömer

Do you already know how to knit and would like to integrate letters and words into your knitting? The lessons with Rüdiger Schlömer will lead you step by step into the world of typographic knitting: Typeknitting.

Typeknitting combines type with various knitting techniques such as jacquard and inlay knitting, lift stitch, shadow knitting or modular patchwork knitting. Each technique lends itself to different fonts and formats and can be used differently to turn cushions, caps, sweaters, gloves, blankets and scarves into media with messages.

The lessons at Social Fabric aim to show you the scope of typeknitting so that you can design and create your own typo-knitting patterns. In the prototypical exercises you will learn some typography basics as well as the basic principles of transferring fonts to the stitching grid. So far, the lessons are designed for two different techniques:

In “Typeknitting with slipstitches” you will learn how to knit monospaced and pattern-based fonts that you can adapt as you wish. This technique is especially suitable for small letter designs, pattern repeats, ornamental letters or free text compositions that you can wear or use as posters (on Instagram or on the wall).

In “Typeknitting with Patches” you will learn the basic principles of modular patchwork knitting using pixel fonts and modular fonts. We knit mitered squares (= test patches), form letter segments, sketch individual letters and see how they are knitted together. This technique is more suitable for large format projects such as pillows and blankets. It can be used especially well to combine wool scraps and different colors, for example for an upcycling project from older knitted sweaters and blankets.


All lessons are based on Rüdiger Schlömer’s book “Pixel, Patch and Pattern – Typeknitting”, published by Hermann Schmidt in 2018. The book was nominated for the Design Preis Schweiz 2019/20, received a “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” from the Type Directors Club NY. It has also been translated into English and French, and is also available through Social Fabric.


Rüdiger Schlömer is a graphic designer in the fields of typography, exhibition graphics, signalling and book design. He studied visual communication at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen and “Art in Context” at the UdK Berlin. He has given many workshops on his experiments with type and textile techniques in museums (Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Museum Bellerive, Museum der Dinge Berlin) and at physical and online events (Swiss Yarn Festival, Barcelona Knits Festival).


For adults and teenagers with basic knitting skills (stop stitch, right and left stitches, warping). No previous knowledge in typography necessary.


German, English, French​




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