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with Ruth Knipping

Introduction to Textiles

Has it happened to you already that you sewed a piece of clothing, but later realised that the fabric does not fall in a way you wanted it to or that it tears easily at the side seams? Or did you buy your absolute favourite piece, only to discover after wearing it once that you cannot stand the fabric because it itches, makes you sweat, and you just don’t enjoy wearing it?

With Ruth, you will learn all you need to know about materials and fabrics, gaining valuable insight into the complex world of textile manufacturing. You will come to appreciate the value of your clothes and will learn to see them with a set of new eyes. You can ask Ruth specific questions that you are curious about or she can teach you about materials, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, processing, cutting – in short, about any part of the textile industry that interests you. The goal of the lessons with Ruth is to zoom in on the area of focus that is important to you and to train your general understanding in dealing with textiles.

A practical side effect of her lessons is an ecologically and socially responsible approach to textiles. You will learn to debunk “Green washing” through the knowledge you gain and thus safely pave your way through different brands and labels.

As a textile engineer, Ruth is a proven expert and passionate about sharing her broad knowledge about fabrics, especially with the focus on sustainable and social ecology. She has roots in both the creative and technical sides of the subject.

Ruth studied Textile and Clothing Technology in Mönchengladbach and Costume Design in Antwerp. She has worked for both small, family-run companies, as well as global corporations. Her focus is on product and material development, which she implements analytically and strategically in the sense of circular economy and culture.


As a founder of VUDUSOL, Ruth produces belts from worn fabrics with a small community of professionals. Ruth’s greatest passion is to prove that waste is never waste.


No prior knowledge is necessary


German and English


on request

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