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At Social Fabric, we're more than just a nonprofit atelier; we're a community-driven platform fostering social change through creativity and collaboration. Whether you're looking to engage your corporate team in a meaningful workshop, seeking inspiration through our Social Talks, or eager to partner with us in creating impactful projects, we offer diverse opportunities to make a difference.

Corporate Workshops

Relaxing and creativ exercise for teams up to 25 people.

Social Talk

Book a presentation on social impact and entrepreneurship.

Social Partnerships

Partner up with us for your next project.


Corporate Workshops


Delve into the world of textiles while learning about our nonprofit's mission to empower individuals from refugee backgrounds through sewing.

Join us for a creative team workshop. Spend about 2.5 hours alongside your colleagues, designing and sewing a collaborative product together. It's a chance to uncover hidden talents within your team: who's the design guru, who's a whiz with the sewing machine, and who naturally steps into leadership roles?

This workshop is about having fun together in a setting that's refreshingly different from your everyday routine. You will be guided by two of our team members. They will share tips and tricks of the textile world while introducing our mission to promote both ecologically sustainable practices and social inclusion.


~ 2.5 hours

6 - 25 people

150 CHF per person

Social Fabric Atelier (Eichstrasse 29, 8045 Zurich)

~ 2.5 hour long workshop with guidance from two instructors. Sewing machines, materials, and a small coffee break. 


“Our employees loved connecting with the community whilst taking the opportunity to learn new skills and understand more about this wonderful initiative we have been partnering with for a number of years.”

Henry de Sousa - Ebay

“The workshop at Social Fabric was a fun moment we shared with the entire team. We discovered new skills together and left very proud of our sewing achievements.”

Elodie Duvaldestin - Vontobel


Social Talk

Inspiring new creators, thinkers, and projects by sharing our expertise in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and societal impact.

Founded in 2016, Social Fabric has evolved from an innovative social startup into a growing social enterprise. Focused on societal impact on a local level, we’ve successfully implemented a business model that serves our goals to create a strong and inclusive society for all. Over the years, we've faced crises, celebrated successes, and learned enormously in the process.

Now we want to share our knowledge with those keen on creating similar projects in the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship. We place great value on practice-based expertise and create custom-made presentations (or "Social Talks") to fit the needs of universities, associations, conferences, or projects.

Get in contact, and let us know which focus your team is particularly interested in and what your budget is. We are looking forward to the exchange.


SENS — We are practical partner and member of the national platform for impact-oriented entrepreneurships.

Züri Award  In 2022, we received an award in the category of "Social Entrepreneurship" for our work on a local level. 

Prix Suisse de l'Ethique  In 2017, we received the Swiss Ethics Award for innovation in the field of sustainable development.


«Authentic, human, committed: As part of an excursion to social innovation in Zurich, our students from the Zurich universities were able to spend an inspiring afternoon with an insight into the work and challenges of Social Fabric on site.»

Christa - Z-Kubator



Join us in creating meaningful projects with a social impact.

Individual courses? Week-long projects? We are happy to offer our partnership and tailor programmes to suit your target audience. Our team of dedicated volunteers, skilled in sewing, works hand-in-hand with your participants on a range of projects designed to foster social connections through creative crafts.

We take care of the planning, provide all necessary materials, and offer a home for the project in our well-equipped atelier space. 

Current Partners

Youth Red Cross —  Our partnership with Youth Red Cross focuses on engaging young volunteers and empowering refugee youth through an immersive experience in our atelier during their "Gemeinsam Gestalten" project week. 

AOZ —  Our collaboration with AOZ allows unaccompanied minors to embark on their own sewing projects, offering them a creative outlet and a break from their asylum accommodations. 


"Thanks to the experience, skills, and warm patient nature of the Social Fabric team, we as an organisation can offer our target groups exciting, creative and educational holiday programmes in a beautiful atelier. At the end of each week, not only have we sewing great sewing projects together, but new friendships have been made and skills for the future have been acquired."

Victoria - Youth Red Cross



Thank you for getting in contact!

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