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May I come too?

Lucine, Participant of Open Sewing Course Recorded by Barbara Imobersteg for series "How I got to know Social Fabric"

First I saw the dressmaker's dummy. A beautiful dress was hanging on her and I thought, "This is my dream!"

I came to the sewing atelier with the Youth Red Cross. We had a holiday course: a week to sew, go on a trip to the zoo and have a good time. It was the first time since we fled the war in Ukraine that I could forget my heavy thoughts.

Finally meeting young people again and having fun! 

A girl holding up a pair of shorts that she sewed during the holiday course for young people with refugee background, organised by Jugendrotkreuz and Social Fabric in Zurich.

I was so depressed at the beginning, I had nothing to do here at all. In our asylum accommodation, a Ukrainian woman told me about Social Fabric. I saw the pictures of the sewing atelier - and I wrote a WhatsApp message: "Can I come too?". There were still free places and I signed up.

I am a lawyer, I always had to study a lot.

I never had time to sew and so I was very happy about this offer. 

In the course with Youth Red Cross, we had a common project, a summer blanket, and I also sewed a gym bag, a pair of shorts, and a scrunchie for my mother. I enjoyed the breaks, the exchange. 

Not everyone could speak German or English, but we communicated well and the atmosphere was great. 

From then on, I attended the Open Sewing Course and, as soon as a place became available, my mother could also participate. How nice that we get the material here and that we can do something with our hands - something useful - and learn something new at the same time! 

The Youth Red Cross course helped me to overcome my depression.

I still keep in touch with the participants. We write to each other and network, and we already have ideas for the next joint events. Maybe an art event? I could dance... The bond has only grown.

The first time we shook hands in the sewing atelier to greet each other and now we hug each other.

A girl cutting the fabric at Social Fabric sewing atelier in Zurich, Switzerland.

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