Story behind this product


This Cosmetic Case, made from an old sail, is perfect for storing your cosmetics and other little things. The sails come from the Zurich region, and receive a new life through upcycling.


Love your sail product:


Sustainability is not just about buying sustainable products, but also about taking care of what you have. We want you to enjoy your sail product for as long as possible. We are happy to repair any damage to your sail product for one year after you buy it. After one year, we will make repairs for a small cost.

Sail Cosmetic Case

  • Old sails are collected in the Zurich area. The zippers are made by an Italian company that adheres to high environmental standards, and also includes a social employment project.

  • White, but every sail pouch is an individual piece, and therefore there might be differences in the details. The sails are washed before production, but might have irregularities or small stains.