Social Fabric Association is a non-profit organization and is grateful for any support!


If you would like to make a contribution and support Social Fabric in its efforts to better the lives and chances of employment of refugees in Switzerland, please see the options you have below!

Whether you, as an organization, or you, as a private person, would like to help, there are options for everyone!


  • By choosing a supportership, you support our free sewing courses (‘Offene Nähkurse’) for refugees that are held twice a week.
  • By choosing a sponsorship, you directly support a refugee; enabling her or him to become a Social Fabric member and to use our atelier freely during our opening times for a year.
  • By choosing to make an independent donation, you support Social Fabric’s operations as a whole.
  • By purchasing a charity product, you enable Social Fabric to buy new equipment for our free sewing courses for refugees.




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Independent Donations

You are very welcome to make donations to Social Fabric and support our refugee projects that are independent from the supporterships or sponsorships! In that case, please send your donation to:


IBAN: CH39 0839 0034 1225 1010 6
Clearing-Nr.: 8390

Social Fabric Association
Eichstrasse 29
8045 Zürich

or via PayPal.


Thank you very much!


Charity Products

By buying any of our charity products, you support refugees. The proceeds from our charity products enable us to buy new equipment for the free sewing courses for refugees.

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