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Community Pinboard

Upcoming sewing sessions, atelier rules, and other relevant information for Community Members. 


The second semester of 2023 starts on 21st of August and runs until 17th of December. 


Community Rules

Rules, Initiatives, and other relevant information. 


Sign In

In the atelier, you will find a yellow planner. Let the team know that you were participating in the course by writing your name under the current day.




Wear a nametag and introduce yourself. Get to know others. The nametag can be made either by hand from felt and thread or temporarily crafted with tape and pen. 




We sew together, we clean up together. Take care to clean up after yourself. Put tools back in their proper place, and clean the floor of pins, threads, etc. 


Renew your membership or rent a Creative-Chaos-Box

Membership Renewal


440 CHF

Is your membership about to expire?

Renew your membership here.

Creative Chaos Box

Orion_archive-box (1).png

30 CHF

 Rent a Creative Chaos Box to store your unfinished projects in the atelier. 

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