Social Fabric in brief

Social Fabric is a center based in Zurich that promotes the use of textiles and clothing that have a small ecological and positive social footprint. We do things differently.


And who or what is Social Fabric exactly?

Most of us have lost our connection with how our fabrics and clothing are made, where they come from, and who the makers are.


We are a community-based organisation that supports the use of textiles and clothing that have a small ecological and positive social footprint. We offer our members and customers an opportunity to re-connect with fabric by providing courses and shared working space, and by offering transparently and sustainably made textile products. We also offer a program that aims to empower refugees in the local community through textiles.


We have a hybrid legal structure; Social Fabric GmbH oversees all of our revenue generating activities, including our classes and our textile product sales. Social Fabric Association is a tax exempt non-profit association that is overseen by a board of directors, and manages all of our work with refugees.


The Challenge

The global textile industry is one of the dirtiest and most socially irresponsible industries in the world. There are few textile companies that are disrupting business-as-usual in the textile sector, and that means there are few solutions available to customers who care.


Our Mission

We empower our diverse community to drive economic and social change by engaging in transparent, social and ecological actions through sustainable textiles.


Our Vision

Global economic challenges are overcome by local communities through engagement and social innovation.


Core Values

  • Respect– we value and care about our team members, partners, suppliers, community members, customers, and the environment
  • Community– we bring together a group of engaged and motivated people who share our core values, and who care about each other.
  • Design– we strive to develop beautiful products and experiences that people value and appreciate.
  • Sustainability– we believe in developing strong and resilient business practices that support people and communities, and are ecosystem-focussed.
  • Transparency– we hide nothing. We tell you who our suppliers and partners are, and we admit when things are not perfect.
  • Social Impact– we are humanists, and we strive to make a positive contribution to the lives of people we work with.

How we live our core values

  • Local action, Global impact – We create measurable impact in the communities in which we work.
  • Storytelling – We tell the stories of the makers, and we also involve others in our journey by telling our own story.
  • Collaboration – we work together with our community, including our customers, our suppliers, and our partners, because we are pioneers together.