About Us

Most of us have lost our connection with how our fabrics and clothing are made, where they come from, and who the makers are.

We are a community-based organisation that supports the use of textiles and clothing that have a small ecological and positive social footprint. We offer our members and customers an opportunity to re-connect with fabric by providing courses and shared working space, and by offering transparently and sustainably made textile products. We also offer a program (project ReThread) that aims to empower refugees in the local community through textiles.

We have a hybrid legal structure; Social Fabric GmbH oversees all of our revenue generating activities, including our classes and our textile product sales. Social Fabric Association is a tax exempt non-profit association that is overseen by a board of directors, and manages all of our work with refugees.

Our Values and Our Mission

Social Fabric started small, but aims to have a big impact. We are a sustainable textile centre in Zürich, where individuals, tailors, designers, and businesses can access knowledge, facilities, equipment, materials, and manufacturing options that have a positive impact. We are doing this because the textile and clothing industries are among the dirtiest and least socially responsible industries in the world. We want to take a community approach to solving this problem by pooling the creativity of our members, in order to develop solutions. We aim to scale this idea by working together with other social enterprises internationally to re-invent the fashion industry supply chain.

Since starting our project, we have received support from a number of other organisations, including WWF, Climate Kic, Impact Hub Zurich, COFRA Foundation, Swiss Life Foundation, Alnatura, and LUSH. We thank our partners for their continued engagement in building a better world.