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The super lightweight shopper Minna-Lu is designed for your daily adventures. Balancing functionality and design, the shopper can be used as a standalone on-the-go companion or combined with another bag. The material is not waterproof but fast drying. The feature adds to the durability and makes it an ideal companion for a leisurely day at the lake. Despite its light feel, the bag can hold quite a lot of weight. Thus, Minna-Lu adapts perfectly to your daily needs. 


Handwash only


Contains materials from animals (leather).


Minna-Lu Shopper

  • Colour

    Light Beige

  • Material

    Fabric remnants sourced from an interior design studio based in Zurich. The exact fabric composition is unknown, but most likely a two component fabric made from polyamide and/or polyester. The badge is made from animal leather.

  • Size

    For the dimensions, please see the photos.

  • Place of production:

    Social Fabric Atelier

    Eichstrasse 29, 8045 Zurich

  • Production at Social Fabric:

    Production at Social Fabric has a two-fold purpose. It serves as a pillar of our education programme on offer to people with refugee backgrounds.  It enables us to generate revenue that in turn is reinvested in our social and educational activities.

  • Warranty:

     All products produced in our atelier have a 2-year warranty. We repair any damage to the product for up to two years after the date of purchase. After the warranty has expired, we will do the repairs at a small cost. We want you to enjoy your product as long as possible.

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